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 The publishing process can be long and confusing for self-publishers.  Let us help you through the process. We not only help you to publish your book, but we are also passionate about helping you to build your brand.

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The World is So Big Publishing team is filled with an impressive list of talented copywriters, editors, authors, designers, marketing pros, and more. 

In the fast past digital age, our team constantly evolved to keep up with current trends in self-publishing and now offer many of our works in digital and audio formats.

Most importantly

We do care for our customers.

You can see from all our projects, the customer is our main focus.

We make sure our writers have the tool and information need to become successful authors- from draft to market

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Learn how to self-publish your book on Amazon Kindle through our best-selling online programs! This option is best for the do-it-yourself writer who is most comfortable learning at your own pace.

How To Create and Self publish your Book on 90 days

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Author's Collaboration for Existing Students

Not quite ready to publish your own book, join us to be part of the community for a meaningful Book collaboration project.  This option is for the expert who likes to have a community and Partial handoff experience and wants to kept accountable and fully supported through the process. You will be glad to know that the sale proceeds for the book project are fully donated to Charity 


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Current Projects

January 14, 2017

Stillness in my Soul

Simplify your life to have your life purpose.  Book Available on Amazon on 20 Oct 2020

Pre-Order on Amazon

January 14, 2017


The Three Lives of Alia Douglas series- Book 1

A suspense Thriller that set scenes in Highland Scotland.  Full of Twist and suspense with a surprise outcome that leave you wanting more.

January 14, 2017

Angel's Trap

The Secret of the Oxpen's Angel series - Book 1

A thriller that set scenes in Oxford England. A Young Girl 

January 14, 2017

Angel's Trap

The Secret of the Oxpen's Angel series - Book 1

January 14, 2017

Angel's Game

The Secret of the Oxpen's Angel series - Book 2

January 14, 2017

Angel's Lies

The Secret of the Oxpen's Angel series - Book 3