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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

18 Beautiful souls have come together to share their life journey with the purpose to inspired your life with Love, Hope and Joy.

What is love to you ?

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When 18 International Authors come together to co-create a book with 18 stories in 18 voices, the result is a Garden of Love. A wonderful masterpiece weaved together to inspire hope. Love.

Like any garden, precious seeds need the right conditions to grow and flourish. Those tender botanicals will need to outlast the weather conditions to survive and thrive.

Likewise the stories in this beautifully written book display joy, pain, anger, hope, struggles, challenges and love.

From a start-up genius’s recovery from mental depression, to a medical Doctor finding her calling to become a healer, to how racism inspired one girl to discover her grit, to a women who broke her silence about domestic violence and abuse, there is a tale in this book that will speak to you. There is a tale in this book that will move you to take action. There is a tale in this book that will fill you with gratitude. Love.

This collection of short stories show how transformation and evolution is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. How the human spirit is unbreakable.

We invite you to the Garden of Love. Come, take a moment and enjoy the tales of love, joy, hope, faith, wisdom, perseverance, and victory.

For you are now in the Garden of Love, where life is celebrated, where love is the universal force through all hardships.

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