TESTING For Geopathic Stress in your house

Updated: Apr 12

Testing for Geopathic Stress

There is a simple ‘muscle test’ that you can use to check if geopathic stress is affecting any person or property. Most individuals can carry it out successfully whether for their own health or for someone else’s. You can use the test anywhere any time – even if you are thousands of miles away from the place or person you wish to check. The muscle test is technically known as kinesiology and you can use it to confirm that a property is clear after it has been treated or to satisfy yourself that our process will be successful before you ask us to undertake it.

If you try the test for yourself you can expect accurate results most of the time – though people who are Geopathically stressed can sometimes get misleading signals. It is always better therefore to invite different people to try the test for you – especially if it appears to show there is no problem.

To conduct a ‘muscle test’ you need two people; one stands in front of the other and both face the same way, i.e. the person behind is looking at the back of their partner’s head. The one in front raises their arm to shoulder level with the arm pointing sideways, palm down. He or she then tries to resist downward pressure as the person behind them puts one hand on the partner’s outstretched wrist and the other on their opposite shoulder The person who is behind pushes firmly down on the outstretched wrist/arm to get a rough guide to the resistance the person in front has, against their arm being pushed down. Once this general level of resistance is experienced the test is repeated but this time the person in front says to themselves (silently or out loud):

“I am looking for geopathic stress – is this a safe spot (or house) (or room) (or office) (etc) to be”.

If the place they are testing is affected by geopathic stress they will be noticeably less able to resist the downward pressure than when their resistance was being measured at first.

The ‘muscle test’ can be conducted actually on the site you want to check or ”remotely” just by mentally identifying the location you wish to check. This way you can use the muscle test to assess geopathic stress for any site anywhere in the world. From where you are right now you could check for geopathic stress in the White House or Buckingham Palace just as easily as for your own home.

Similarly, the test allows you and a partner to check if any person anywhere is suffering the effects of geopathic stress; just identify them in the question that is being asked about whether they are affected by geopathic stress.

It is important to finish a muscle test ly. If geopathic stress is found either in a property or a person you must test until the person’s resistance is back to normal by using any questions you know will bring a response e.g. checking their name. The final outcome must be for the strength of their resistance to the downward pressure in a muscle test returning to normal.

Another way to get back to normal is to try using the muscle test to check for yourself whether the Intelligent Energies technique to clear the site will be effective once we have treated your location. Do this by changing the question to:

“I am looking for geopathic stress – will this be a safe spot (or house) (or room) (or office)(etc) after it has been neutralized by Intelligent Energies’’?

If you ask us to neutralize geopathic stress then when we advise that the property has been cleared you can confirm it by going back to the original question and asking:

“I am looking for geopathic stress – is this now a safe spot (or house) (or room) (or office) (etc) to be”.

Hope you enjoyed the read

Chrissy Tasker

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