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What Authors Say About US

Shane Quinnell

TENx Speaker ,Explorer, Business and Project Development Manager


Khoa Nam Tran

TENx Speaker,Business Owner, Personal Trainer
Author of Amazon Number #1 Best Selling book: Legless to Legless 

To have such a Great experience publishing the first book and not having to worry about the different steps, I felt that I am in safe hands.
I look forward to the next book Collaboration Project.
Audrey Mulliva - Australia
Speaker and founder of NetHealthING

Mahendra Kapadia

Futurist, Peak Performance & Happiness Coach, International Keynote speaker


It has been a great joy working with Chrissy. She had made things so easy and smooth for us because of her commitment, dedication, and professionalism
Keziah Wong -Singapore
Financial Consultant
at Finexis Advisory

 Chrissy is a professional of high repute reflecting grit and commitment in every endeavor she takes up. I was one of the privileged co-authors of her first collaborative book "Garden of Hope" as Founder & CEO of TWISB Publishing. At each stage from collecting our stories, acknowledging them with genuine and heartfelt responses, weaving them together into a masterpiece of inspiration, we witnessed her passion and compassion to deliver a product that is strong on content and creativity. Chrissy personifies warmth, strategy, and resilience. Wishing Chrissy & TWISB Publishing many more successful books enlightening the readers now and always

Rajat Soni -India

Tee-Life & Parenting Coach /Author

Founder -Rajat Soni Academy


It has been a great pleasure working with Chrissy. I cherished these days of writing, and the book getting incubated in your publishing lab TWISB Publishing and enjoyed the process till it's finality as a beautiful book and was thrilled that it became #1 BestSeller in Amazon on Day one.

I will always remember fondly as this is the book that gave me the title of a published Author, beautifully scale-up of life, and my heartfelt gratitude that you and TWISB participated with me to make it happen. Thank you, Chrissy, and TWISB

Capt Deepa Kuruvilla - India

Founding Partner of a Legal Consultant in India.

( She is publishing her first Solo book after seeing the possibility from the book collabotation project)


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